Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn Romance


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(Today was a hectic and very busy day, but thoughts of my loved one, Stefan, kept a smile on my face.)

In Autumn, my heart grows three times bigger and my eyes, brighter-I adore everything the season has to offer, (although I have not taken many images this year).

Well, being in my favorite season and having such a love as the one he brings to me, I am absolute in every way. And when he holds me, all else seems insignificant, because he has a way to make each moment seem the best, and each after, better. I am truly blessed.

He says that no one has ever loved him as I do. But I see that as odd, because he is so lovable. He is the most giving man that I have ever known. Funny, I thought I knew what love was, what did I know; he has shown me the true power behind the word, and it alone has given me such strength and joy.

And I could spend an eternity wishing I had seen it all along, wishing that during our very long best friendship, I had given him my heart. But as I look back, I see that I had; it was the closeness we had/have that I craved during my day--everything else seemed so plastic. And, as I quickly found out,... it was.

Nonetheless, wishes (as one of my best friends Martin says) are for futures and not for pasts. :) ... I agree, and am just thankful for what I have now, here in the present,... here in our "Heaven". I so love him and all he is.

Most of you know me and how I am for the most part, and believe me, I am far from perfect. But with Stefan, I really want to be the best woman that I can be--I want to do my best to keep that precious smile on his lips. Of course, I understand that I will make mistakes, but if I can learn from them and be better next time, it is all I can ask of myself.

He is my prince,... my hero forevermore.

Have a great night.


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