Monday, October 20, 2008



October is one of my very favorite months. I get so excited when Autumn arrives, as well as Halloween. There is a wonderful feeling in the air as ghosts and goblins prepare for the night of all nights for chocolate lovers everywhere! ;)


I ran across this costume and found it to be very cute:


( ... funny how a child that young has no clue. You must wonder what they are thinking.) :)

And I want to share some Vintage Halloween Cards within these next few weeks before Halloween. Here are the first two (I think these are absolutely wonderful). :)



In other news, all is good and warm in my life, and I am extremely happy in the heart department. :) I will be going out for my annual Fall photograph excursion soon. I hope to do that this weekend, because the colors are changing and looks so beautiful. I cannot express enough how much I adore the season. And to be in love?

... even more so.


(An image I took a few days ago)

I still need to work on its contrasts and such, but I wanted to add something new here. :)

There is something about October,... I think it is that everything seems so fresh and revitalizing to the senses, and it was such a beautiful day, I really enjoyed being out in the forest.

Have a beautiful night!


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Anonymous said...

i haven't shot much as far as pictures go. I want to get some of a river nearby on thurday, but who knows. anyhow, i really dig your autumn pictures, cher and the warmhearted words you've always got to say. never change.

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