Monday, October 13, 2008

In a perfect world our very own


2 random thoughts:

I. Nothing could be more sensual or beautiful than when my husband kisses me when I am on my back--my hearts beats quickly as I drink the sweetness that slips from from his precious mouth.

II. When we have to be apart, we are always connected on the phone, i.e., when showering, eating, meetings or anywhere else we go. And when the day is done and it is time for rest, he tells me to imagine him behind me with his arms around me tight. Then, he tells me he loves me more than anything, and together we fall asleep softly, our ears tight against our mobile phones. It is incredibly beautiful.


1 comments to Cher:

A fan of Cher's said...

"It is incredibly beautiful." Yes it is, Cher and you're a lucky couple. =)


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