Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today (... oh, yeah!)


My Sweet Love,

In a few days we shall be in each others arms. Being away from you has been difficult, but never a moment without you on my mind. I miss you and I love you more each day than the day before. You are precious and all that glitters in my life. You are a gem, a true treasure, my breath and heart.

Get ready Baby... I am coming home!

Your Always, Your True, Your Man.

(As I am adding this, he is on the phone and just said,"Oh, I just cannot wait to come home, baby--you just do not know." He has no idea I am at my blog posting this.)

Well, after that comment from him, what do you think I am thinking? Haha, I will say, I have never, EVER been loved as my husband loves me, nor have I been touched as he does. ... NOR have I ever felt like such a princess.

What will be my reply back to him? Well, what would you say? All I can manage to do is smile. ;)

I so love you, Stefan, and I cannot wait for you to come home! Oh, and no worries, baby, I am more than ready! :o

Your wife,

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