Monday, October 27, 2008

No Ordinary Love



"Good Morning My Love,

Although I just got off the phone with you, I know that sometime during the day, you will be dropping in here, therefore I wanted you to know that you are thought of and loved no matter where you are or what you do. Kisses and huge hugs.

I Love You Back!


"Baby, I just called to say that I was thinking about you. I have to get back to work, but just wanted you to know that. I love you, Cher

I made vows with this man and my gosh, he is absolutely wonderful, selfless and beautiful,... he is my husband. And he gave his hand to me with a promise of love--he has never let me down.

(It is very late, you are sleeping and I can hear every breath you take. And even though I prefer to listen, I can as I type this out. Please excuse any typos--it comes directly from my heart and unedited. )


I adore you and I am grateful to be your wife. Thank you for how you are, my love, it brings me so much joy. I love you for more reasons than I can count:

It is in the way you hold my hand, the way you look deep into my eyes, the way you make love to me and before you reach your highest point, you whisper, "I love you so much, Cher".

It is in the way you bring me that very same point beautifully (sometimes more than once, or even twice). It is in the way you tell me you love me as soon as you open your eyes each morning--even before you open your eyes, in the way you smile at me. It is in the words you say and the precious poetry you leave for me, open and honest,... insatiable.

It is in the way you sing to me (you always have, even when we were only best friends). ... in the way you call me, "Baby", My Sweet", and how tender you are inside. And it is in the way you give and give, never letting a moment pass without me knowing how much you care. ... you share your love for me with the entire world.

(In case you did not know, I trust you more than anything or anyone); you are my best friend, confidant, angel, lover, best friend, husband and my life. You are so good at loving me, baby.

Oh my sweet, it is in the way your heart can bring me to my knees with its warmth. And it is in the way you hold me as close as you can when we fall to sleep at night. It is in the way you never leave me lonely and in the way that you are so courageous. How you would stand up for me, take care of me and never let harm come my way. You are a true man, my love.

... it is in the way that you love me--the way only you know how, and it is better than I have ever been loved in my life.

And I will spend the rest of my life fulfilling your every need, loving you and making love to you, until we both take in our last breath.

I am so yours.


2 comments to Cher:

Dara said...

WOOOW! This words is sweet, Cherilyn, you're rally a nice person to love others in this ways. I wish some day I feel the same about some bodies... I'm too busied for now!

Dara ^^

Anonymous said...

~Precious Cher, your heart is immense. XX Andrea Lorenzo Pazetti


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