Sunday, October 19, 2008

Night skies, wishes and a heart


The smile that I carry seems to be lost tonight. I had it, but I guess it slipped away. ... so far away.

Tonight, I feel alone. I am going to lay in the dark: hug my pillow, look out at the night's royal blue sky, make a wish and listen to my play list awhile, (I hope I fall asleep).

I do not like this night. Ever had one like this? It has nothing to do with anything or anyone--just an all too quiet night. And I hope when I wake, the world is mine again.


3 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

Hugz, Cherbear

Giovanni said...

Yes, I've been there, Cher and I'm certain we've all been there.... this will pass, I do know it. Sometimes nighttime can feel longer and more silent, than anything else, we've got to hold onto all we need and love.

Goodnight, Cher, you're a beautiful soul....wake with that smile we admire. Giovanni

Giovanni said...

P.S. The world will always be yours.


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