Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Letter in the Wind


(... an unedited letter of love.)


I am sending one thousand kisses for your sweet lips this morning while we are apart, (... you are the best thing to ever happen to me).

And my ideal love, I hope you wake with a smile that could lighten any room. In fact, I know that smile will be on your lips, and I think it exquisite the way your eyes seem to blaze deep within that same smile--you are so stunning.

Last night I dreamt us two beside the sea, the sun delicately on our backs. We sat on the sand huddled close, looking out over the water as you were speaking. You told me of our future, where everything seemed composed and affectionate. You spoke of adoration and how the sound of my voice brought you to your knees. (And I want to you to know that with each word I utter, my heart beats even more rapidly for you.) You spoke of that ancient rock and how you truly believed it would carry me to you. Well dear, we are now one--nothing could break the union between us two.

Speaking randomly for a moment:

Whenever I am near the sea, my heart seems to be in utter fascination; I could never get enough of the scents of salt, as the breeze brings to me everything that makes the ocean unique. Gosh, I never thought I could love anything more. Then you came along. I am beginning to believe the sea heard my calls and sent you to sit adjacent to me--all those lonesome days, now absolute with your hand in mine. I never thought I would find what I was looking for. I never thought there would be you, See-saw.

This morning I imagined myself against your skin yet again. I thought in notes, a piano, the waves, smiles and the spirit. I anticipated poetry in the sand and that boulder that stood out over the tide, standing sturdy within all that came its way - its confidence in our love, just as strong, where one glance would surely tell of a woman that was loved more than anything in the world, by a man who gave his hand to her.

I imagined that man. He sat beside the rock, a lily in his hand. His eyes were not visible, but the form of his mouth seemed as if he were screaming or perhaps crying for what he needed most. Tears slipped down his cheek in goodbyes to an old friend, and hopes of never parting from his one true love again. He was anxious and now inclusive. I suppose the feeling of being complete is something most could never envision, finding all you sought, and the awareness that the future was secure.

I wanted to reach out and embrace him. I wanted to press my lips to his and show him that there is nothing stronger than love. His back now against the sand, he was lying there looking up. Did he dream of angels?

I closed my eyes again and was taken to that place in the sand, a touch, but no recognition. He opened his hands, tears in his eyes as if to dream me within them at that very moment. Did he not see me? His hands felt through me and back again. Then his eyes closed. My heart fell-- had he not known I never really left his side?

Through the tears I could hear music commence..."Insatiable" began to seep through the air. I felt flushed; I was/am in love. Then I heard it - the resonance from the ancient stone - that man is you. But why must we be apart? Are we really twin souls that have had to learn through life experiences, before being together once more? Living distant as the horizon until our time had come? I believe so--we trust so.

I dreamt of the sea once more; I was there, but no, not beside you - above you as if watching from somewhere within the billows. I did not want to be there, sweetness! "Help me!" I uttered, but you could not hear. You sat there, photos scattered on the shore, and a look in your eyes that tore a hole through my breast. Did I not tell you that I loved you? There is nothing like 'us'? This is no ordinary love? You knew, my love, but remained before the rock in hopes I would never stop falling in love with you.

... these imaginings fill my life with something more moving than the most beautiful of moments--they fill up my life with the gentleness of one heart to another, fill my soul with an unrestricted love--you.

My dream turned and I thought of the most beautiful of days. I woke from my dreams for a moment to feel your eyes. One look and I knew everything would be alright. I knew that the love that you carry would see us through.

You are the most wonderful man that I have ever known. I do not see faults - I see brilliance. I do not worry what secrets you may hold or what despondency the past may have given you. I love you now and forever and will mend your precious heart. Together we will rise above anything and everything--we will make it, my dear, we will.

I promise to always fight for us. I love you and I cannot live without you.

I need to be with you, need your kiss, hand, and your love. I want to be the one who throws her arms around your neck in bliss. I want to be the one who receives morning kisses and fresh rain. I am yours - do what you like, I will never go away. I will not leave you to face the world on your own.

Can you see that I breathe for you? It is in the way you speak of me to me. The way you laugh, cry. It is you, you, you, you, you, you, you. You are my best friend...

... my husband. And I will not let anything harm you, because you have the most gentlest of hearts. I am so in love with every part of you. You are the man that I want for the rest of my life. I want to feel you inside me, beside me, falling asleep inside me. I want to feel your hands touching me, caressing me - loving me. I want to be your kiss - to feel what you feel.

My heart is bursting right now. I am more in love with you each minute that passes.

Know how much I love you, Stefan, carry it with you, and you can see anything through. Our love is the true meaning of love, and I want the entire world to know, I love you.


Please do not ever go away, my love, I get lost as it is. I need you like I need my next breath... and even that is for you. I thank all the Heaven that I have finally found you. Nothing or no one could ever compare.

Your wife and best friend,


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Mark said...

Holy SHITe Cher, this is a BEAUTIFUL post!!!!!!! I'm in awe of you and the way you love.

Good luck to both you, and Stephan.


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