Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where my heart is alive


You, my love, are everything a woman could ever ask for--you are the best of the best. Each moment that passes, I fall more and more in love. You know, I never thought that possible, because I always feel so completely and utterly in love with you. But as I have said, with each new moment, I fall more. I truly believe I will never stop falling in love with you.

The very first words that come from your lips when you wake are, "I love you". How sweet is that! And that is not just some morning, but all. I am truly blessed.

I know in the past I have felt love. I understand this, I do. But it has never felt as this does, and it has never been complete from the other side. What I mean is, either I was not totally in love, or they never gave their all to me. I deserve that. Some were much too frightened and never knew how to truly love another, some did not know how to love unconditionally,... some just a mere moment in my life; insignificant seconds that brought lies, that in return, brought tears and never really made me smile deep inside.

But you, dear, you always knew I deserved more, and stood beside me every step of the way as a best friend and confidant. You have loved wholly, sweetly, courageously and strong. I have never known a love like this before. Thank you for how you are, for waiting, and for getting me through even the darkest of nights.

... I so love you, Stefan.

2 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

What nice words to your partner Cher. Good luck to you both. =)

Emerging Magazine Inside Exposure said...

Once in a lifetime something so majestic awes you, something so extraordinary it takes your breath away, this something renders you speechless, something like you comes into one's life, carries a heart in the breeze, across barren lands and salty seas into the sun.

You, yes you, my Sweet, my Cher, my breath... oh since I found you, I have discovered more about myself and the depths of soul in one month, than I knew about myself in all the days of this present existence.

I learn something wonderful about you and how we find the perfect way to love one another, each and every day. I am awe-struck as I stand in your light, unbridled passion untold, my heart is forever yours, from this life to the many others we will share.

I now know how awe-inspiring, joyful and wonderful love can be. You are truly the most sweetest and loving person I have had the honor to be in the presence of. When we spoke those words, "I do" and "I will" on that late evening August 30, I did not know how much more my heart could soar. I am lost in you, you are the honey on my tongue, the sweet of a kiss, the breath of life that fills me and makes me to live in a world of bliss.

I know that no matter what comes our way... together we will make it through and one hundred hundred years from now, our love will be discovered written on the tablets of time for all to read.

Kiss my breath with your heat, drip honey from your words, touch me in depths no person has ventured to reach, seek me in the sun, find me... together we will always shine.

I am so in love with you, immeasurably.

Your Man,



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