Saturday, December 22, 2007

My best friend and other thoughts


Something Dawn made for me. The image is of me as a little girl, along with a prayer. She is a true angel, like Victor. I am always so amazed at the beauty of her soul. She brings so many smiles to my heart. I love her,.. she is my sister, and she is one of my very best friends. Thank you, dawn for being you.


And a special Happy Birthday to See-Saw! A special Happy Birthday to Victor (A few weeks ago). A special Happy Birthday to Martin (A few days ago). A special Happy Birthday to Joann (A few days ago). :) :) :)



... a very Merry Christmas to you all!! Hugs! :)


1 comments to Cher:

Martin said...

Thank you again, Cher :) Merry Christmas to you, as well! May it be a happy one, full of warmth, smiles, and the feeling that you are loved by all the precious people around you, near or far. In our hearts, we all shine together :)


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